Maximillian Blaze

Summer Knight with Problems


Player: Daniel Martinez
Template: Summer Knight
High Concept: Summer Knight in Shining Armor
Trouble: I have to do whatever I can
Additional Aspects: They’re Real, Family Ties, Has a Reputation, What would Fix do?

Superb (5): Discipline, Alertness
Great (
4): Endurance, Conviction
Good (3): Weapons, Empathy
Fair (
2): Lore, Athletics
Average (+1): Presence, Intimidate

Physical: 6
Mental: 4
Social: 3
Armor: 1 Physical

Stunts & Powers:
Marked By Power (-1)
Seelie Magic (-4)
Riposte (-1)
Sword of Summer Flame (+2)
p. Inhuman Toughness (-2)
p. Inhuman Speed (-2)
Total Adjusted Refresh: -7/1


Background Aspect: They’re Real
Maximillian’s parents were murdered at six years old. No one is sure by who or what. He was sent to an orphanage, where even as a small boy he quickly grew to be a playground hero. His Father had shown him a sense of justice and so he learned to fight the hard way… by standing up to those much larger than himself. WHen moved into a stable foster home, he quickly discovered the happy family had only one normal human, his foster mother. His new foster father was a Pryling, a small ugly fey that enjoyed fire.

Maximillian Blaze

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